Who We Are

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Who We Are



As Interoperability is the key needed element for businesses and governments in the new electronic landscape, the Greek Interoperability Centre's (G.I.C.) vision is to assist Enterprises and Public Administrations to co-operate efficiently and securely, based on open standards and IT-systems, in order to bridge organisational and technical borders. In this context, the Greek Interoperability Centre's mission encompasses the following goals:

  • The creation of a national research pole of interoperability which will cooperate with enterprises, governmental organizations and research centres in Greece, in order to achieve high quality research results in the area of Interoperability.
  • The active interaction with other relevant organisations and research centres, at Regional, European and International level, so as both to gain needed experience and know-how, but also to communicate results and assist neighbouring countries.
  • The contribution of multi-disciplinary research on interoperability, tackling research challenges at organizational, semantic and technical level. The scope of the G.I.C. in vertical thematic areas is not constrained to e-Business and e-Government, but has a long perspective of expanding to e-Learning, e-Health and Network of the Future, promoting a multi-platform and multi-device approach to interoperability.
  • The contribution to policy making and standardisation in Greece and the neighbouring region, thus assisting the implementation of European Policies and interoperability - related initiatives, such as the e-Government Interoperability Framework (eGIF).
  • The creation of a new generation of young and more experienced researchers in the areas of Computer Science, Information Systems, Decision Support Systems and Electronic Business, able to tackle emerging interoperability issues in Businesses and Governments.
  • The active dissemination of research results towards the scientific and business community in Greece, in the neighbouring countries and internationally.


The Centre


The Greek Interoperability Centre is a new research centre targeting eGovernment and eBusiness Interoperability that provides Interoperability R&D services for administrations, businesses and research institutions in Greece, South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.


It is based at the Decision Support Systems Lab of the National Technical University of Athens - the leading technological research institute in Greece - and aims at becoming a premium research centre in the field of Interoperability, cooperating with academia and research, public administration, organizations and businesses across the Greek regions but also with institutions form the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean in order to form a strong regional pole of research and technology in Europe.


The Greek Interoperability Centre is structured through cooperation with leading research institutes from Germany, Italy, Norway, UK, US and China, inviting high-caliber international researchers and engaging more than 15 experts and new researchers in its team.

The Centre is capable of conducting innovative EU level research, supporting the Greek Government and the IT Industry in achieving the benefits of interoperability, exerting influence in shaping national policy regarding interoperability research and funding, contributing to standardisation in national and international level and disseminating research results and knowledge in relevant identified research centres and organisations in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, FYRO Macedonia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.


The Greek Interoperability Centre is a Research Project with the funding and supervision of the European Commission within the FP7 Research Programme (EC / FP7 Project 204999).

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