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The "Digital Greece 2020 Forum"

gic  4/11/2011

Digital Greece 2020 is a new initiative, which aims to formulate policy proposals for the digital strategy of Greece in the next decade in the context of the national economic/fiscal environment, national skills and resources, and of the Digital Agenda for Europe/Europe 2020 Strategy. Its purpose is to exploit qualitative and quantitative data on the penetration and application of new technologies in the areas of public administration, education, research and production, in order to support the formulation of new relevant policies. The Forum is established under the patronage and the support of

  • the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks,
  • the Ministry of Finance,
  • the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Decentralisation and eGovernance,
  • the Ministry of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Shipping and
  • the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religion

and cultivates a new culture of cooperation and collective work by inviting all active citizens as well as the members of the research and education community and the enterprise and public sector to submit their proposals on the country's digital future. The seven main Axes of discussion for "Digital Greece 2020", which correspond as well to seven Working Groups, are:

  • E- entrepreneurship
  • Interoperability, Open-source/Free Software and Open Data
  • Trustfulness and Security in the web
  • Next Generation Access Networks
  • Education, Research and Innovation
  • Digital Divide and Digital Literacy
  • Public Administration and Society

GIC experts actively participate in the Forum's deliberations, in the formulation of policy proposals and opinion shaping. Notably, GIC experts manage and coordinate the Public Administration and Society Working Group.

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