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Reorganization of the Secretariat General of Communication and of the Secretariat General of Information

Research Area

Organizational Interoperability, e-Government

Short Description

The wider objective of the project is the study and implementation of reengineering of operations of SGC-SGI, so that the organisation optimises the achievement of its mission and in order to function more effectively, taking into consideration the interventions/investments in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), that the S.G.C.-S.G.I. either has recently completed or currently implements.


The basic target of the project is to reassure the correlation of reengineering of operations and processes of S.G.C.-S.G.I, with the operation of already approved projects and with the services that are introduced or supported by these projects. This will contribute in:


  • faster and better internal operation of S.G.C.-S.G.I and in the improvement of the services offered to citizens and the enterprises, but also to other governmental services and organisations.
  • objective information services of citizens or other interested parties in Greece and abroad.
  • reduction of bureaucracy and response time of S.G.C.-S.G.I in its duties, in all of the processes that are included in its operation.
  • promotion of e-government in national level.


The main objectives of the project are


•  The successful development and implementation of re-organisation Study of S.G.C.-S.G.I, which is indicatively defined from:


  • the observance of implementation timetable (on time),
  • the observance of budgets (on budget),
  • the completeness and correctness of development of the project's physical object (on subject & scope),
  • the observance of quality assurance methodologies (on quality assurance and control).


•  The maximisation of results and impacts of the re-organisation Study, aiming at the more efficient operation of S.G.C.-S.G.I


•  The successful transfer of know-how in the services of S.G.C.-S.G.I, so as they acquire important autonomy regarding in the new way of organisation's operation, as this will result and will be proposed through the Study.

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