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Interconnection of the Greek Criminal Record System with corresponding criminal record systems of other EU-states

Research Area

technical interoperability, semantic interoperability, e-Government

Short Description

The project (currently undergoing final contractual arrangements among partners) addresses the main objectives for promoting judicial cooperation and improving the exchange of information as they are outlined in the present Interconnection of Criminal Records Call for Proposals by implementing a novel state of the art system for the management of national Criminal Record information. The system will realize the aforementioned objectives by providing solution for two main issues where the current technical infrastructures in Greece (ICRS system) present specific inefficiencies:


  • The extension of the present system's underlying data model in order to align with the European Guidelines.
  • The upgrade of the present system's communication capabilities in order to be able to interconnect and exchange information with the corresponding systems of other EU-states.


Specifically, the proposed system will adopt the underlying data model for storing Criminal Information and implement the necessary amendments in the data schema and corresponding updates in its information base in order to make it conform to the existing European standards and practices for Criminal Record databases.


Additionally, the new system will implement specific communication capabilities for interconnecting to peer systems and exchanging criminal record information. These capabilities will be developed according to the latest technology for interconnecting applications and exchanging information (dedicated interfaces/APIs and XML Schemas) but also taking seriously into consideration the existing practices and underlying framework regarding the exchange of Criminal Record Information.


To ensure the necessary level of alignment with underlying practices, standards and frameworks a series of research activities will be realized -  i.e. study of EU Directives & Regulations, adoption of European Standards regarding storing Criminal Record information and review of existing Criminal Records Interchange practices in other European Countries (e.g. NJR-TESTA).

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