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Federated e-Participation Systems for Cross-Societal Deliberation on Environmental and Energy Issues

Research Area

Technical Interoperability, Semantic Interoperability, Legal Interoperability, e-Government

Short Description

The main objective of FEED Pilot Project is to apply a new concept in e-Participation by allowing users to have seamless access to existing federated content that matches their needs for information on the several aspects of a debated issue as well as to informative material about the specificities of the deliberation procedure in the scope of which an issue is considered. This way the level of knowledge for FEED users is enhanced both around the essence of issue at hand as well as of the procedural aspects of the deliberation process it is engaged, thus their participatory ability to contribute to the procedure through opinions that can create an impact is significantly augmented. Through FEED, simple federated content is contextually annotated according to the debated issue and legislative process specifics allowing the platform users to perceive it as a coherent body of information to be used in the various stages of a deliberation procedure.

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