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Kostas Ergazakis

Senior Researcher, Electrical & Computer Engineer, Ph.D.

Dr. Kostas Ergazakis is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, NTUA and also holds a PhD in Knowledge-Based Development and Decision Support Systems. Dr. Ergazakis has long professional experience as a consultant / project manager for projects funded by EU (FP7, EuropeAid, etc) and Greek National Bodies in different fields: formulation of digital / knowledge Cities strategies, e-participation, re-organization techniques, monitoring and evaluation, design and development of management information systems, Internet of Services, etc. Dr. Ergazakis has participated as Project Manager (for EPU-NTUA) in the EMPOWER and PLUGIN projects. Dr. Ergazakis has more than 35 publications in Scientific Journals and presentations in International conferences.

Contact Info

9, Iroon Polytechniou Street

15773, Zografou, 
Athens, GREECE

+30 210 772 3891


Knowledge Management in SMEs: A Research Agenda
Abstract: KM is an emerging area, which has gained interest by ...more
both enterprises and academics. The effective implementation of a KM strategy is considered as a 'must' and as a precondition of success for contemporary enterprises, as they enter the era of knowledge economy. Big enterprises seem to have fully realised the importance of KM for their operation and the advantages that can offer and in this way, the majority of proposed methodologies, systems and tools (from the part of the research community) is addressed/concerned with big enterprises. This is not the case however for SMEs, the majority of which seem to consider KM as a non-affordable luxury and consequently, the research regarding KM and SMEs has been slow in formulating respective frameworks, methodologies and tools and there are still many pending issues that have to be addressed. However, KM has a lot to offer to SMEs. In this way, this paper attempts to propose a research agenda for the relation of KM and SMEs. The discussion presented in this paper should be of value to researchers and practitioners.
Authors:  Emmanouil Ergazakis,Kostas Ergazakis,Alexandros Flamos,Yannis Charalabidis
Category:  JournalPublished to:  International Journal of Management and Decision Making, Vol. 10, No.1/2 pp. 91 - 110, Inderscience Publishers