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Insiel Informatica Per Il Sistema Degli Enti Locali S.p.A

Insiel is a leading Italian Information Technology company.
Insiel offers IT solutions for the government and management of public authorities, health services and local public services.
It is entirely owned by the Regional Government of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The breadth and quality of its products are made possible by its detailed knowledge of decision-making and operating practices in the public sector, which translates into practical, comprehensive projects, functional up-to-the-minute products and efficient, inexpensive services.
Insiel has always considered the delivery of top-quality services as its true vocation. Company policy has always been to design, develop and manage IT services that simplify work and the quality of life, making use of technology to supply services that are useful to the public and to business, and making innovation concrete and exploitable in a rapidly changing world.

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