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Ministerial Decree for the Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework

gic  5/30/2012

The Ministerial Decree that ratifies the Greek Framework for the delivery of e-Government services (Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework, Greek e-GIF) was published in the Government Gazette (GG II 1301/12-04-2012) on April 12, 2012. This decision realizes the essence of the Law for e-Government and regulates the principles under which the e-Government services will operate at organizational, semantic and technical level for the smoother exchange of data between information systems of public sector bodies. That way, the citizens will have more effective access to the various offered public services and the corresponding public bodies that deliver these services are expected to save costs on time and money.

This framework includes a set of policies, standards and technical guidance for setting the standards and specifications that the Information Systems (IS) of the various public bodies should have, in order to support the delivery of integrated electronic services to citizens, businesses and other relevant bodies. The governmental IS should have such standards so that they can communicate and exchange data with other IS that provide related services, within the same or another body, as well as with the IS of other businesses, in order to the extent the necessary interoperability with Public Administration systems.

The ratification of the Decision on the Framework for the delivery of e-Government Services includes:

  • Rules and standards for the design, development and operation of Public Administration Websites.
  • Rules and standards for registration, authentication and electronic identification of citizens and businesses to the various public sector services offered online.
  • Processes Management of the Interoperability Registry for the registration of the services provided by the various public administration bodies.
  • Meanwhile, it includes policies, standards and technical guidance for the overall infrastructures that support public services documents (xml files), that are being exchanged among the Public Administration Information Systems, as well as data schemas (xml schemas) that provide services to citizens and businesses.

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