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FutureEnterprise - Brainstorming Workshop March 2014

gic  3/10/2014

The Brainstorming Workshop " Towards 2030 InterNet Business Innovation", is to be held on March 20th (14:00 local time, when FIA Athens finishes, at the same venue) until March 21st (15:00 local time, at the NTUA premises) in Athens, Greece, organized by the  FutureEnterprise CSA project and supported by the FInES Cluster.

The workshop offers a first-class opportunity to see, interact with and influence research initiatives which leverage Future Internet to boost entrepreneurship, nurture business creativity and inspire new forms of enterprises. It aims at initiating the debate among experts through brainstorming activities, towards shared visions for our community that represents the voice of the enterprises', entrepreneurship and intra-preneurship ecosystem in Europe and internationally.

The workshop will accommodate a number of presentations, workshops, questions and answers sessions from different stakeholders within the fields of Future Internet Enterprise Systems, Sensing Enterprise, Web Entrepreneurship, and Business Innovation. The focus of the workshop will be on:

  • Generating reflections on the Enterprises of the Future at all stages of their evolution (from inception to consolidation and growth): Which are the trends and visionary scenarios towards new forms of enterprises that allow stakeholders to fully develop their business vision and produce significant shared value in the Digital Economy?
  • Empowering entrepreneurship through research: How the European research can be directed to better serve the interests of the enterprise and the entrepreneur?
  • Introducing the latest research initiatives in the domain: How synergies can be created with and among the FP7 Sensing Enterprise projects?

As an invited expert, you will have the opportunity to join the Collaborative Workshops and interact with the latest advancements and initiatives within our community.

We would appreciate it if you registered online by Tuesday 18th of March,  2014  here (registration is free).

With regard to the broader community activities, we would also like to provide you an update of the latest developments for which we are also looking forward to your feedback:

  • Community orientations and branding: During the past weeks, we have initiated an online discussion with the purpose of gathering insights and opinions that will shape the new orientations of our community. You may influence the online discussion in  LinkedIn by February 21st, 2014 and vote for the new name in the LinkedIn  poll!

·         Research roadmapping activities: The open topic currently concerns the identification of trends and shall remain open until February 28th, 2014: "Which are the Policy / Economic / Technological / Societal / Business Innovation / Entrepreneurship trends that will drive the acceleration of new forms of enterprises? Please describe a trend by giving a short description and reference points that can be used as evidence for its existence." You are invited to contribute to the crowdsourcing exercise (at: in order to gather ideas, votes or comments on existing ideas.


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