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Social Media interoperability: the wiki

Research Areas

social media, technical interoperability, semantic interoperability


Related Projects


In conjunction and in the margin of the work carried out within the EU FP7 project PADGETS ('Policy Gadgets Mashing Underlying Group Knowledge in Web 2.0 Media' -, the project partner NTUA DSS Lab team and in particular GIC, took an open initiative to establish the SocialMediaApps wiki aiming to support collaboration among researchers and practitioners in the field of Social Media interoperability.


SocialMediaApps wiki constitutes an attempt to try and record in a collaborative and systematic way our shared knowledge about Social Media - i.e. existing platforms, their underlying technologies, publicly available APIs, user activities that take place within them, user generated content types that occur, external applications, etc. The ultimate objective of SocialMediaApps wiki is to concentrate and keep this huge volume of knowledge up to date, but also equally important, to try and interlink all these small pieces of knowledge together in order to help us better understand how this vast domain of ever growing complexity works and thus design better applications and better platforms in the future.


What can you find in SoecialMediaApps wiki today?

In its initial stream of activities SocialMediaApps has embarked on an effort to record and link together the publicly available APIs of the major Social Media platforms today. As a result one can find a series of articles about: Underlying Social Media platforms and their characteristics. Their publicly available APIs along with their description, technical analysis, implementation guidelines and references to official documentation and prototype implementation. Types of User Activities and resulting User Generated Content in Social Media and how these are connected with the available APIs. SocialMediaApps wiki is built using MediaWiki, the same wiki platform used in Wikipedia.


Social Media Interoperability in the service of Policy Modeling

GIC research team follows closely the work carried out within the PADGETS ('Policy Gadgets Mashing Underlying Group Knowledge in Web 2.0 Media' - research project, which is supported by the 'ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling' research initiative of the European Commission.


Research work relates with the exploitation of Web 2.0 social media by government organizations in the processes of public policies formulation, through a central platform-toolset providing interoperability with many different Web 2.0 social media, and enabling posting and retrieving content from them in a systematic centrally managed and machine-supported automated manner, through their application programming interfaces (APIs).


Social Media Interoperability Wiki (click to enlarge)

Social Media Interoperability Wiki



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