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Interoperability Standards and Compliance Demonstrator

Research Areas

technical interoperability, organizational interoperability, semantic interoperability, legal interoperability, interoperability assessment, e-Government, (e-Business).


Related Projects


The Interoperability Standards and Compliance Demonstrator, available only in the Greek language contributes in managing, processing and presenting the rules and guidelines that accompany the Greek eGIF contents in every version published. With the help of a multi-criteria methodology that takes into account appropriate thresholds for compliance in each sub-framework and weights in rules categories and classification levels as well as in standards' maturity levels, compliance of a Public Authority with the specifications of a given version of the Framework can be easily assessed in this demonstrator.


Objectives and Description

The primary objective of the demonstrator is the design and deployment of an application that manages the information that describes a rule or a standard of the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) and takes into account the structure of the Interoperability Registry. This application can also be used to evaluate the compliance of a Public Authority with the policies of a given version of the e-GIF.


Interoperability Features

A new version of the e-GIF is published in regular time periods (e.g. yearly) in order to reflect all the technological evolution. That's why the specific system is built in such a way in order to ensure the traceability of the registered rules and standards. As a result the system user is able to easily recover one or more versions of a rule or standard despite the fact that they may be considerably different.


The user of the application is also capable of testing the compliance of a Public Authority according to a specific version of the e-GIF. The compliance assessment can be conducted if the compliance levels are registered and a minimum compliance grade is defined. The above functionality is completed with an explanatory report. The system is interoperable with the e-Government Services Registry.


e-GIF Standards and Compliance demonstrator (click to enlarge)

e-GIF Standards and Compliance demonstrator

Tools & technologies

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 programming platform
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database management system (DBMS) and
  • IIS(Internet Information Services) web server


Intended Users, interested parties, stakeholders

  • The national organisation/authority responsible for the e-GIF maintenance
  • Public organisations that are interested to follow and be informed regarding the up-to-date progress in e-GIF
  • The authority which is responsible for the certification of the public authorities regarding their compliance with e-GIF



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