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The electronic Deposit slip from a Public Revenue Office: How the electronic version of the Deposit slip will transform the delivery of e-Government Services

Research Areas

eGovernment, electronic transactions, one-stop services



Every day, a quite large number of Deposit slips is being issued by the various Public Revenue Offices and is being submitted to various Public Sector Services, for the successful delivery of a lot of different transactions among Public Sector Bodies, Citizens and Businesses. This kind of procedure results in important costs in money, time and paperwork. Within the general trend of transforming the various e-Government Services, one solution to the abovementioned problem, could be the transformation of the Public Sector Services for Issuing and Submitting a Deposit slip to one-stop Services.


Therefore, the introduction of a new version of the conventional deposit slip, the electronic Deposit slip, aims to reduce costs in money, time and paperwork and to better serve the Citizens and Businesses to their everyday transactions with the Public Sector Services. Besides, the cost of installing the necessary systems and technologies for the transformation of Government Services is of no significance comparing it to the large percentage of cost savings for public services that will. The estimated cost savings for the public exceeds 40,000,000 euro yearly, not including savings for the citizens (transportation cost, time, working hours, stress, etc)


The new, electronic Deposit slip, has two possible ways of use: The manual and the electronic. The e-Deposit slip uses are being introduced in the following figure.


Using the e-Deposit Slip (click to enlarge)

Using the e-Deposit Slip

In the Manually 1-stop Service, the Citizen goes by himself at the Citizen Service Center and gets his e-Deposit slip Issued. Then, at the same Citizen Service Center (1-stop service), he Submits his e-Deposit slip and then all the necessary transactions among his Bank account, the e-Deposit slip Application, the ERMIS Information System, etc, take place and lead to the completion of the citizen's transaction with the Public Sector.

  • Citizens no longer need to go to the Public Revenue Office and then to a lot of other Services and Bodies. He just gets serviced at the same Citizen Service Center: 1-stop Service.


In the Electronically 1-stop Service, the Citizen does not have to leave her house, but she is fully and completely serviced by her PC at her home. She Issues her e-Deposit slip by charging her bank account via e-Banking and the e-Deposit slip Application and then she gets her transaction with the Public Body done via the ERMIS Information System, by Submitting the earlier issued e-Deposit.

  • Citizens do not even have to go to the Citizen Service Center as they can be serviced via their PC, or even via their Mobile Smart Phone in the near future, wherever they want: 1-stop Service.


Interoperability Features

From the various types of interoperability, the semantic aspect is considered to be the most significant during the implementation of the e-Deposit slip, as the disagreement about the meaning, interpretation, or intended use of the same or related data, is an existing problem that has to be solved.


In the case of the e-Deposit slip and the various transactions in which it will be involved, several different Information Systems (Citizen Service Centers' Information Systems, Banks' Information Systems, Home PCs, paycenters, etc) should collaborate and exchange data, which means that they should interoperate and understand in the same way the same or related data. Therefore, following the trend that the cornerstone of electronic government information exchanges is a common understanding of semantics at a syntax-independent level, the e-Deposit slip will constitute a demonstrator in the area of semantic interoperability.



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