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The Greek Interoperability Centre is a research centre that provides Interoperability R&D services for administrations, businesses and research institutions in Greece and South-Eastern Europe as well as Mediterranean region and Europe  It is based at the Decision Support Systems Lab of the National Technical University of Athens and aims at becoming a premium research centre in the field of Interoperability and at forming a strong regional pole of research and technology in Europe.

The Greek Interoperability Centre is a Research Project with the funding and supervision of the European Commission within the FP7 Research Programme (EC / FP7 Project 204999).

Regional Aspects of FP7 - European Commission Research Directorate General


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G.I.C. offers researchers a great range of research, training and policy material on interoperability aspects and guides the connected to the market specification, design and implementation of interoperability research solutions. It disseminates interoperability research solutions and offers researchers the possibility to promote the results of their work towards a wider audience. It further contributes actively in European and international interoperability standardization fora and allows the research community engaged to follow closely the relevant standardization developments. Finally, G.I.C. supports the exchange of knowledge and expertise on interoperability through its secondments programme.

G.I.C. offers a great range of services to Public Administration organizations. The centre develops technological solutions for the public sector, provides R&D services in the framework of large projects in the area of e-Government Interoperability and assists Public Administration bodies to co-operate efficiently and securely, based on open standards and IT-systems, in order to bridge organizational and technical borders. It further provides high quality training services to public administration officials and contributes to interoperability policy making and implementation as well as interoperability standardization in the public sector at both local/national and regional levels.

G.I.C. offers scientific services to businesses providing practical guidelines on interoperability as well as innovative research paradigms and prototypes and collaborates closely with them in order to enhance the quality of the interoperability solutions produced.